Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Douscha" of the Day

This daily posting will be dedicated to a single, delightful work of art, most likely an atrocity, that I will lovingly share with the world. {In case you’re not in the super-cool, inner circle, Douscha is a playful nickname my friends and I have given to my father Ruscha. Get it?? HAHA Take note of the fact that it does not imply that my father is any way, shape, or form a douche, cuz he’s not.}

And now on to the below image…

Lord Almighty! Check out this hunk o’ canvas!! A stunning portrait copied right out of Playboy Magazine! Apparently the artist left off the head and some creeper came along and added one in… the oversized head of a Cindy- Loo-Who (on crack) might I add. (You know, the Who’s in Whoville.) Nightmares, anyone? This one’s going right next to my desk so I can stare at it longingly while I try to accomplish something. Wish me luck!

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