Friday, March 26, 2010

"Douscha" of the Day

Now if this thing isn't an eyesore, I'm not sure what is! Maybe I'm missing something... but this painting is certainly unworthy of a human's effort to hang it's heavy ass on the wall. (And yes, I know my photography is equally as atrocious, but I needed to snap a quick iPhone picture of it while I dodged the crowd at this Blum & Poe opening. A crowd which, by the way, consisted of a bunch of complete douchebags dressed to the nines and women who couldn't walk in their heels, and get this... no one was even looking at the art!!! Except of course the poor woman I caught looking at this piece. I'm guessing she ran off to the bathroom immediately after to throw up.)

Calling all collectors and patrons! Notice the strategic juxtaposition of the three gaping vaginas with the stunningly proportioned ballsack off to the right. A wise choice to say the least... Compositionally exquisite!!! Nice work............................. ... ...


  1. hahahahahahha! "Notice the strategic juxtaposition of the three gaping vaginas"

  2. sonny, i can hear your fresh banter not to mention delightful wit in my head. this is precisely what i need to survive without you by my side.

    xoxo, natalie