Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here I Go...

For the longest time, I can honestly say I had no idea what a “blog” even was. “Go check out my blog!” Go check out your what? Sorry, I have a life... Then one day I read about the Sartorialist, a site I became instantly hooked to. This led to me encountering other blogs, mostly design related. But nobody had anything terribly interesting to say... just a few pretty pictures to post.

My friend Erik and I used to break into fits of hysterical laughter over one blog in particular, started by a self-obsessed, wannabe hipster we know through mutual friends. The blog in question features daily postings describing the endless, obnoxious parties he attends, below which are contrived, "distraught" fashion-editorial-esque poses taken with his slue of star-fucker friends. I always wondered… who gives a flying fuck what this guy is doing? Is this a joke? It has to be! And this got me thinking… If peole are willing to read this nonsense, I can surely contribute something far more interesting to the blogosphere. So here goes nothin’ folks... Hold onto your hats, because I say what's on my miiiinnnddd.


  1. FUCKKKKKKKKK! My beanie popped off!

  2. Umm WE USED TO FUCKIN LAUGH ABOUT IT TOO SONNY CS! Guess I'm just cookie chopped liver! you're an excellent writer, thank GOD! I can totally hear your voice. Fuck that guy and I Love (F) ART yaaaaay!