Monday, March 29, 2010

Miss New Booty

Whenever I see someone wearing something particularly offensive, I tend to get overly-exited and become desperate to take a photograph of them. I'm just weird like that. Under most circumstances, it would be socially unacceptable for me to approach them and say, “Boy, your pants are pretty hideous and you look like hell. Can I snap a photo of you and your poor husband?” I’ve pondered showering them in compliments and telling them they look great, claiming I want to take a picture because I’m in love with what they’re wearing. But I think that’s a bit obvious. And my poker face is certainly not up to par. So I'll have to learn to go incognito...

The other night, when returning to put coins in my meter while watching my friend Jillian play at World CafĂ©, I was stuck behind these two bozos at a crosswalk and I just had to snap a shot. I got up as close as I could to get a picture of this woman’s bedazzled (saggy) ass and was fortunate enough to get this shot. When the photo finally registered on my iPhone (it takes forever), I yelled out “Yes!” at which point the lady turned around and gave me a nasty glare. Sorry biatch, you deserved it for wearing those pants. Bebe’s a no-no, especially when advertised in plastic rhinestones on your ass.

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